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Citrix Storefront – Performance Testing and Tuning – Part 1

I’ve used the Web Capacity Analysis Tool (WCAT) in the past to measure the performance of Citrix Web Interface with some success.  So I thought this tool would be perfect for load testing Storefront.  I loaded up Fiddler, set up the WCAT extension, captured a web logon and then application launch.  The whole process looked […]

Citrix Storefront – Adventures in customization – Query group membership from aspx

I’ve written a script that can tie into your environment for Storefront or other web service.  This is preferable over the powershell HTTP listener (IMHO) because it can just run on the IIS server and doesn’t need to rely on any external program/service.  It’s a simple script to pull out whether a user is a […]

Citrix Storefront – Adventures in customization – Dynamically configure features based on group membership

As per my previous posts, dynamically configure Workspace Control and Authentication based on group membership, this post will put them all together and provide a little GUI love to enable showing your options.  These two features need to be enabled and configured at different times.  The authentication choice needs to be in place before you logon.  Workspace […]

Citrix Storefront – Adventures in customization – Dynamically configure authentication based on group membership

Continuing on from my previous post, in XenApp 6.5 and Web Interface we created 2 sites, one with explicit logon (user name and password) set as the authentication method and one set with domain passthrough.  What was configured was an AD group, “ExplicitLogon”, and then Windows Authentication was configured on the IIS sites.  When the […]

Citrix Storefront – Adventures in customization – Restrict app visibility with single factor authentication, show all apps with two-factor authentication

I have been working with a colleague of mine (Saman Salehian) who has been working on a project with a Citrix Netscaler.  One of the hopes of this project is to offer Citrix applications externally.  A problem was posed to me about restricting users to only access non-critical, non-patient facing applications (eg, Outlook, intranet site, etc.) […]

Citrix Storefront – Adventures in customization – Dynamically configure workspace control based on group membership

I’ve been exploring the customization capabilities of Citrix Storefront and have some exciting ideas on simplifying our deployment.  What I’d really like is to reduce our store count down to a as few stores as possible.  In our Web Interface we have multiple stores based on the non-configurable settings.  They are: Workspace Control Enabled with Explicit […]

AppV5 – Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library – Error R6034

We packaged an application that was giving out an error message at a certain point in the program:   Fortunately, this was a nice repeatable error. What happens is the program generates this message when it’s importing a word doc into its database.  This error message doesn’t stop the program from importing or causes a […]

Citrix Storefront – Pass URI parameters to an application

In my previous post, I was exploring taking URI parameters and passing them to an application. The main issue we are facing is that Storefront launches the ica file via an iframe src.  When launching the ica via this method the iframe does a simple ‘GET’ without passing any HEADER parameters — which is the only […]

Citrix StoreFront – Experiences with Storefront Customization SDK and Web API

Our organization has been exploring upgrading our Citrix environment from 6.5 to 7.X.  The biggest road blocks we’ve been experiencing?  Various nuanced features in Citrix XenApp 6.5 don’t work or are not supported in 7.X. This brings me to this post and an example of the difficulties we are facing, my exploration of solutions to this […]

ControlUp – Realtime Troubleshooting Example

I’ve been using a troubleshooting tool for some time and I can’t speak highly enough about.  It has saved myself so much time in finding/resolving and remediating issues.  I decided to capture myself utilizing the tool *in realtime* to remediate a reported issue that came in during a weekend call.  I was able to find […]

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