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AppV5 – Citrix User Profile Manager exclusions

The Citrix User Profile Manager (UPM) needs a little configuration tweaking to work with AppV specifically it requires: You can use Profile management 5.x in the same environment as Microsoft Application Virtualization 5.0 (App-V 5.0).  You must exclude the following item using Profile management exclusions:  Profile Management\File system\Exclusion list\directories: AppData\Local\Microsoft\AppV  If you don’t exclude these […]

Office Deployment Toolkit – taking a look

When I attempted to create a virtualized Office application using the Office Deployment Toolkit (ODT) I was happily surprised at how easy it was, and extremely disappointed that it contained a lot of ‘baggage’. That is, the virtualized Office application installed options that I did not have a choice on whether they should be there […]

AppV5 – Connection groups, an example

Connections groups in AppV5 is a feature that allows different AppV packages to have visibility to each other by overlaying them overtop of each other.  Why would you want to do this?  In this real world example, we utilize connection groups for 2 AppV packages.  One of these packages is updated bi-yearly or yearly and […]

Windows Update – Errors 80070057, 800736B3, 8024400E

We started the new patching Microsoft has put forward (cumulative updates) and one of our Citrix vDisks had an issue with it. Windows Update would say that there were no updates available: But we very obviously have updates to deploy to it. When I checked the ‘WindowsUpdate.log’ I saw the following: [crayon-58122e6d03594415425708/] 0x80070057 = E_INVALIDARG The […]

AppV5 – Applications being published to “C:\App-V Packages” instead of %PACKAGEINSTALLATIONROOT%

The last little while we’ve had an issue with some applications seemingly being published to “C:\App-V Packages” instead of our defined path “D:\AppVData\PackageInstallationRoot”.   Video of the issue in action that I was able to setup a repro: So what’s going on here that would cause this to happen? I turned to the event viewer to […]

AppV 5.1 Sequencer – Not capturing all registry keys

Video of this issue: The issue is when sequencing an application (100% reproducable on Epic and the VMWare Hypervisor) and then you add a large ‘update’ (for Epic this is the client pack) then not all registry keys are captured.  At 8:20 seconds you can see keys that are present in the local registry […]

Examining Logon Durations with Control Up – Profile Load Time

Touching on my last point with an invalid AD Home Directory attribute, I decided to examine it in more detail as what is causing the slowness on logon. 52 seconds for Profile Load time.  This is caused by this: The Home Folder server ‘WSAPVSEQ07’ I created that share and set the home directory to it. […]

ControlUp – Dissecting Logon Times a step further (invalid Home Directory impact)

Continuing on from my previous post, we were still having certain users with logons in the dozens of seconds to minutes.  I wanted to find out why and see if there is anything further that could be done.   After identifying a user with a long logon with ControlUp I ran the ‘Analyze Logon Duration’ script: […]

ControlUp – Dissecting Logon Times a step further (Printer loading)

We have applications that require printers be loaded before the application is started.  This is usually because the application will check for a specific printer or default printer and if one is not set (because it hasn’t mapped into the session) then it’ll throw up a dialog or not start entirely. So we have this […]

ControlUp – List AppV5 recent events on various servers

David Falkus just posted a blog post on using Powershell to combine multiple AppV5 logs into a single view and orders them chronologically so you can see the events as they occurred. Since this was a PowerShell script we can use ControlUp to import it, tweak it to accept some server variables and then get […]

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