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Citrix PVS Image Management Design Challenges – Case Study

Challenge: Different applications have differing levels of operating system support.  A vendor might only support their app on a specific operating system, or multiple /older/ operating systems, or the organization hasn’t updated to a new version that supports the new OS; whether because the new version has a cost attached to upgrading the org cannot […]

Meltdown + Spectre – Performance Impact Analysis (Take 2)

I want to start this off by thanking ControlUp, LoginVSI and Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk for his assistance in helping me with this post. Building on my last evaluation of the performance impact of Meltdown and Spectre, I was graciously given a trial of the LoginVSI software product used to simulate user loads and ControlUp’s cloud based […]

User Profile Manager – Unavoidable Delays

Found something annoying. Fresh 2016 install, all new users logins have the User Profile Service take a *minimum* of 1 second.#procmon it and find Default File Associations is the cause. This is done synchronously! The more file ext’s the slower the login! — Trentent Tye (@TrententTye) June 25, 2018 I’ve been exploring optimizing logon times […]

Citrix Provisioning Service – Network Service Starting/Stopping services remotely

Citrix Provisioning Services has a feature within the “Provisioning Services Console” that allows you to stop/restart/start the streaming service on another server:   This feature worked with Server 2008R2 but with 2012R2 and greater it stopped working.  Citrix partially identified the issue here:   I was exploring starting and stopping the streaming service on other PVS […]

Meltdown + Spectre – Performance Analysis

Meltdown and Spectre (variant 2) are two vulnerabilities that came out at the same time, however they are vastly different.  Patches for both were released extremely quickly for Microsoft OS’s but because of a variety of issues with Spectre, only Meltdown was truly available to be mitigated.  Spectre (variant 2) mitigation had a problematic release, […]

Group Policy Preferences Registry Extension vs Group Policy Registry Extension

In various discussions I’ve read about the drawbacks of Group Policy Preferences but is it really that bad?   …Or is it how you are using it?   There are two methods of applying registry keys/values with Group Policy.  The Group Policy Registry Extension is the “traditional” form of applying policies.  Also known as ADM […]

Group Policy – Monolithic vs Functional Design and Performance Evaluation

Group Policy Design is a hotly discussed topic, with lots of different ideas and discussions.  However, there is not a whole lot of actual metrics.  ADM and ADMX templates apply registry keys in an ‘enforced’ manner.  That is, if you or the machine has access to read the policies, the registry keys within are applied. […]

Corrupt Registry Repair with Citrix Provisioning Services

I encountered an interesting issue and worked through a solution with a corrupt registry.  The issue seemed innocuously enough, we upgraded PowerShell to 5.1.  Upon reboot I encountered a bluescreen with code 0xF4: I have encountered this issue before, but I haven’t recorded my troubleshooting steps until now. Since this was a PVS target device, […]

Meltdown – Performance Impact Evaluation (Citrix XenApp 6.5)

Meltdown came out and it’s a vulnerability whose fix may have a performance impact.  Microsoft has stipulated that the impact will be more severe if you: a) Are an older OS b) Are using an older processor c) If your application utilizes lots of context switches Unfortunately, the environment we are operating hits all of […]

Citrix Storefront – Adventures in customization – Add a help button to your Storefront UI

This customization is pretty easy.  Add the following to your custom.js file: [crayon-5c47cd7dc3621751062064/] Replace “” with the URL you want your help screen to be.

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