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Citrix Provisioning Server – PXE requests stop working

We use a bootable ISO in our environment to boot our VM’s to a specific set of PVS servers.  This ISO will vary by region enforcing that each target device that boots will be directed to their closest PVS server. However, we have 1 region that does not leverage this capability and this region was […]

Citrix Provisioning Services Reverse Imaging – 2017 edition

We’ve been trying to upgrade our Citrix PVS tools to version 7.13 and had some issues.  I need to reverse image so I can remove the software without dealing with the in-place upgrade procedure. So I decided this would be a good time to update my reverse imaging process.  This time I will only be using […]

Citrix Storefront – Adventures in customization – Change any ICA parameter

When I was originally exploring using the Citrix SDK to manipulate some ICA parameters, I found I couldn’t do it.  Using Powershell and passing a header parameter I could manipulate the ICA file to how I wanted, but when I attempted to do so with Internet Explorer, I found it wasn’t passing the header parameter. […]

Citrix Storefront – Adventures in customization – Customization breaks in internet explorer

I ran into a frustrating issue with my last post (changing the clientname based on the application).  The issue was, it wasn’t working!  Sometimes!  On some versions of IE!  On some Operating Systems! WTF. On Windows 10, IE11 or Edge it worked fine.  On Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2 with IE11 it worked…  SOMETIMES. […]

Citrix Storefront – Adventures in customization – Assign a custom clientname to an application

I have set a personal goal to avoid creating more than a single store for Storefront.  With that, I’ve been working on customizing Storefront for our organization and occasionally a problem comes up that requires a unwieldy solution…  Like creating multiple stores. An example of this is we have an application that configures itself based […]

Check for NUMA within a VM guest with Powershell

I have only tested this in VMWare, but it seems to work.  I have shamelessly stole the main code from here:   [crayon-59c8ec0de3b7f079093817/] I was going to use this to detect NUMA and configure a network adapter RSS based upon NUMA configuration…   But I’m getting lazy and am going to ignore it.  But I […]

Remove Ghost devices natively with Powershell

We’ve been looking at using Base Image Scripting Framework (BISF) as our new preparation and personalization platform for our PVS farm.  In our current world we have a bunch of features and tweaks that are not apart of BISF so I’ve been writing some additions so that we achieve feature parity. One of the features […]

Citrix Provisioning Services Target Device Upgrade Woes

We are running Citrix PVS 7.7 and we are attempting to upgrade to Citrix PVS 7.13 for the vDisks.  Starting with PVS 7.7 you are supposed to be able to do an in-place upgrade of the tools.  Our experience with this has been less than positive, with a success rate of ~50%.  This post is […]

Citrix Storefront – Performance Testing and Tuning – Part 6 – Testing Peak Load

In part 5 I figured out our peak load against our existing infrastructure.  In this part I’m going to test against a Storefront server to see if it can handle the baseline load. This is the counters used for PNA launches: The loads to test are: Peak Rates (in per second) PNA Logon PNA App Launches […]

Citrix Storefront – Performance Testing and Tuning – Part 5 – Establishing a Peak Load

In part 1 I setup a script to load test our Citrix Storefront server, as a user logging in through the website.  Part 2 was users connecting via PNA.  In this part I’m going to examine our existing load.  In order to do so, I only want to count the following users: Users must have logged […]

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