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Citrix StoreFront – Experiences with Storefront Customization SDK and Web API

Our organization has been exploring upgrading our Citrix environment from 6.5 to 7.X.  The biggest road blocks we’ve been experiencing?  Various nuanced features in Citrix XenApp 6.5 don’t work or are not supported in 7.X. This brings me to this post and an example of the difficulties we are facing, my exploration of solutions to this […]

ControlUp – Realtime Troubleshooting Example

I’ve been using a troubleshooting tool for some time and I can’t speak highly enough about.  It has saved myself so much time in finding/resolving and remediating issues.  I decided to capture myself utilizing the tool *in realtime* to remediate a reported issue that came in during a weekend call.  I was able to find […]

Citrix XenApp Enumeration Performance – IMA vs FMA – oddities

During the course of load testing FMA to see how it compares with IMA in terms of performance I encountered some oddities with FMA.  It definitely is more efficient at enumerating XenApp applications compared to IMA.  But…  The differences in my testing may have been overstated. During the load testing I captured some performance counters. […]

Citrix XenApp Enumeration Performance – IMA vs FMA load testing

In the previous post we found IMA outperformed FMA in terms of an individual request for resources.  However, the 30ms difference would be imperceptible for a end user.  This post will focus on maximum load for an individual broker.  In the past we discovered that the IMA service is heavily dependent on the number of […]

Citrix XenApp Enumeration Performance – IMA vs FMA

We’re exploring upgrading our Citrix XenApp 6.5 environment to 7.X (currently 7.13) and we have some architecture decisions that are driven by the performance of the infrastructure components of XenApp.  In 6.5 these components are the “Citrix Independent Management Architecture” and in 7.13 this is the “Citrix Broker Service”.  The performance I’ll be measuring is how […]

Citrix Workspace Environment Manager – Limitations (part 1?)

In a brief evaluation of Citrix Workspace Environment Manager, I looked at the utility of the product to replace Group Policy Preferences (GPP) in a XenApp environment context.  For this I focused on replacing a set of registry keys we apply via GPP for our XenApp environment.  My results were not favorable for using WEM in this context […]

Citrix Workspace Environment Manager vs. Group Policy Preferences – Performance Story

Part one: Citrix Workspace Environment Manager – First Impressions Part two: Citrix Workspace Environment Manager – Second Impressions If you’ve been following me, I’ve been exploring using WEM to apply some registry values instead of using Group Policy Preference.  WEM does things differently which requires some thinking on how to implement it.  The lack of a […]

Citrix Workspace Environment Manager – Second Impressions

Workspace Environment Manager does not do Boolean logic.  It only does AND statements. Note: These conditions are AND statements, not OR statements. Adding multiple conditions will require all of them to trigger for the filter to be considered triggered. So we have to reconsider how we will apply some settings.  An example: How would you apply this […]

Citrix Workspace Environment Manager – First Impressions

Citrix Workspace Environment Manager can be used as a replacement for Active Directory (AD) Group Policy Preferences (GPP).  It does not deal with machine policies, however.  Because of this AD Group Policy Objects (GPO) are still required to apply policies to machines.  However, WEM’s goal isn’t to manipulate machine policies but to improve user logon […]

Tracing Citrix Provisioning Service Target Device Boot Performance – Process Monitor

Non-Persistent Citrix PVS Target Devices have more complicated boot processes then a standard VM.  This is because the Citrix PVS server components play a big role in acting as the boot disk.  They send UDP packets over the network to the target device.  This adds a delay that you simply cannot avoid (albeit, possibly a […]

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