Enable advanced logging on the XTE service of a XenApp server

Enable advanced logging on the XTE service of a XenApp server

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Back in February or March we did Windows updates on our PVS XenApp servers and then sometime after the servers do not allow anyone to login.

The issue can crop up as a CGP Tunnel error message, a protocol driver error message or something along those lines.  We do not know why it’s happening or why it only happens after we apply Windows updates from that time period.  The odd thing is it’s intermittent as well, we can launch 20 systems from 1 vDisk that has the updates applied and everything will be fine for 2 weeks then, suddenly, 5 of the systems won’t allow logins via ICA with the errors.  Rebooting the servers sometimes fixes it, sometimes not.  Very intermittent and very weird.  So I attempted to troubleshoot this issue again by adding:

to the httpd.conf in the XTE folder of a server that was exhibiting these issues.  The log levels are listed here:

After adding those lines and restarting the XTE service the issue resolved itself!  Frustrating to be sure, and I will look at adding this line to our vDisk image so that when it crops up we’ll have more diagnostic data to look at.

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