“An error occurred while making the requested connection” – Citrix Web Interface

“An error occurred while making the requested connection” – Citrix Web Interface

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So I’m getting the dreaded “An error occurred while making the requested connection” while trying to launch some applications from our Citrix Web Interface.  It started happening suddenly but I’m tasked with figuring out why.  First thing I did was go to the Web Interface and check the event logs.  I found the following:


This wasn’t much help, but I was able to narrow down that this was happening on one set of our servers that are split across two DC’s.  One set of servers at BDC was fine, the other set of servers at ADC had a subset of servers that were not.  Doing a qfarm /load showed the problematic servers had no users on them at all, and no load evaluators were applied that would be causing our issue.

Logging into the server it was deteremined that it’s DNS was registered to the wrong NIC (it was a PVS server that was multi-homed) and even worse for some of the servers, the NIC IP address was an old address and the new address wasn’t even resolving!

For some reason it now appears our Windows 2008 servers are not registering their DNS on startup.  To resolve this issue for us we added a startup script with the simple command “ipconfig /registerdns” and within a few seconds the IP address is registered within DNS correctly and with the correct NIC.  We suspect that something is misconfigured at ADC as BDC does not have this issue nor does it need this tweak, but this is our work around until that is resolved.

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  1. Christian Hansen 2013-10-15 7:31 am

    Thank you! This was very helpful for us. We had an almost identical problem, but had not made the connection between missing DNS records and the web interface errors. Since we started verifying and updating the DNS records, the errors have completely disappeared.

    Best regards,
    Christian Hansen, Jönköping, Sweden


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