Group Policy Preferences – Scheduled Task fails to apply

Group Policy Preferences – Scheduled Task fails to apply

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We had a couple issues with scheduled tasks not applying when submitted as a GPP (Group Policy Preference).  We turned on tracing via local gpedit.msc (Administrative Templates > System > Group Policy > Logging and tracing).  From here we turned on the Scheduled Task logging and events were then stored in the eventvwr.msc (we also turned on tracing which stored a computer.log file here: C:\ProgramData\Group Policy\Trace)
The first error we got was:
So it can’t map between user ID’s.  It’d be nice if it told us which mapping failed, but it gives us a pretty good hint. Looking at the XML file the GPP creates (stored here:  “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Group Policy\History\\Machine\Preferences\ScheduledTasks\ScheduledTasks.xml” )
We saw the following:
Everything validates.  Googling for BUILTIN\SYSTEM brought up that several people were getting the same error when using BUILTIN\SYSTEM.  Which makes some sense as “BUILTIN\SYSTEM” isn’t a real account.  We renamed it to NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM.  This time we got a new error message:
This doesn’t tell us a whole lot of information.  What is the unexpected node? Looking again at the XML file it looked like so:
The difference that I can see:
The SYSTEM account is NOT a group.  We changed how we selected the SYSTEM account by “Browsing” AD, going into the root of the domain, going into the Builtin OU, and selecting SYSTEM.  This populated as “NT AUTHORITY\Well-Known-Security-Id-System”.  This will fail because there is no such user account called “Well-Known-Security-Id-System”.  At this point we renamed it to “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM”.
Boom, GPP Scheduled task now worked without issue.  Checking the XML the difference by manually selecting the SYSTEM account changed
If you are having issues with your GPP Scheduled task item running as the SYSTEM account I would HIGHLY recommend you check your XML file and confirm it is set as “NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM” and it is surrounded by UserId NOT  GroupId.


  1. Anonymous 2014-10-16 1:22 pm

    Thanks. Exact same issue.

  2. john 2015-06-07 10:04 pm

    Shouldn't MS call it a bug? Why does GPEDIT fill in a name that's not resolvable?

    Anyway, thanks!


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