Citrix PVS Target Device Update script

Citrix PVS Target Device Update script

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Saman and I have created a Citrix PVS update script we use and run each time we update a PVS target device.  This script has been generated after finding numerous issues that needed to be fixed after updating a PVS image.  It includes fixes to issues with AppV5, PVS, XenApp 6.5, etc.

We also made the script to be able to be run automatically by accepting command-line parameters so that we can use it to do Windows Updates with PVS’s automatic vDisk update feature.

I’ve removed email addresses and some specific application fixes that would only be relevant to our environment.  So I’ve tried to generalize this the best I can.  We tried to make this script dynamic so if you have a vDisk without AppV it will skip the features that require AppV, skip 64bit only features, etc.

I will post the supplemental scripts in more posts.


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