ConvertFrom-MCLI for PVS 7.6 POSH module

ConvertFrom-MCLI for PVS 7.6 POSH module

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Martin Zugec made a POSH script to convert output from mcli.exe to a PowerShell object, but his script fails with the new PVS 7.6 POSH module.  From looking at his script he is trying to key on ‘spaces’ to set the properties of the objects.  MCLI.exe outputs the properties with spaces.  PVS 7.6 POSH module fails because it doesn’t format it’s output as spaces.

MCLI.EXE output:

POSH module output:

Notice the subtle difference? No spaces.

To get Martin’s original script working we need to change the script to look for another character we can key on. Fortunately(?) it *appears* that the PVS POSH module outputs properties to start with a lower case letter. If we modify his script here:

To this:

It now outputs properties correctly from the PVS POSH module:

The full modified script is here:


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