AppV5 – Citrix User Profile Manager exclusions

AppV5 – Citrix User Profile Manager exclusions

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The Citrix User Profile Manager (UPM) needs a little configuration tweaking to work with AppV specifically it requires:

 You must exclude the following item using Profile management exclusions:
 Profile Management\File system\Exclusion list\directories:
  • AppData\Local\Microsoft\AppV
 If you don’t exclude these items, App-V applications work the first time users access them but they fail, with an error, on subsequent logons.

But what happens when you *don’t* exclude this directory?

We upgraded our Citrix UPM to 5.4.1 and in that process we moved from setting our inclusions/exclusions via the ini file to using Group Policy.  The original thought was simply adding the exclusions would add them to the existing list of default inclusions/exclusions which already has this directory set.  This line of thinking was incorrect.  Citrix’s documentation states:

Important: If you use Group Policy rather than the .ini file (or you are rolling out a Group Policy deployment after a successful test with the .ini file), note that, unlike the installed .ini file, no items are included or excluded by default in the .adm or .admx file. This means you must add the default items manually to the file.

When we enabled Group Policy for the exclusions and set the path (for something unrelated to AppV) then it was the ONLY item being excluded from AppV and we were having the issue described by Citrix.  Our application would launch the first time, or oddly, just for the user on that specific server.  When they launched it again on another server it would fail until their user profile was deleted from the profile share.

I setup AppV5 debug logging and traced a launch of what this failure looked like when our user tried to start an AppV application:

The lesson?

If you are using a Profile Manager ensure your exclusions for AppV are applied correctly!  If you miss you may run into this weird behaviour.

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