AppV5 – 0xFD01F25-0x2 and deciphering some of these messages

AppV5 – 0xFD01F25-0x2 and deciphering some of these messages

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We recently had an issue with some users launching an AppV 5 application.  They were getting an error message:

In order to troubleshoot this issue more effectively, I turned on ‘Event Tracing for Windows‘ for the AppV logs and captured the output.  Searching for the error code revealed the following:


The first line that shows an ‘error’:

I navigated to that path, and sure enough, a ‘Templates’ folder was not present.

I did a procmon trace during that user logon and noticed the folder was never created.  AppV, for some reason, when it did not find this folder threw up an error.  If I create that folder I was able to launch the application without issue.

So what does the error message “0xFD01F25-0x2” mean?  Well, the first portion split by the ‘dash’ is the component that is explained to decipher where in AppV this issue is occuring.  The second string (0x2) is more interesting because it actually tells us something.  Microsoft has these short codes documented here.

0x2 = the system cannot find the file specified.  It’s actually looking for a folder, but the object didn’t exist and that’s the code it generated.  So if you see that second octect in an AppV error, the short system error code may give you a more precise clue to what is occuring and how you can fix it.


  1. Dan Gough 2017-01-04 9:30 am

    I just had a similar issue – for some reason the sequencer decided to add tons of junk VFS folders (Pictures library, CD Burning, etc) due to all the desktop.ini files in there being picked up. I couldn’t launch the app due to the same VFS error, but deleting all the junk from the VFS fixed the problem!

  2. Anil 2019-10-12 9:01 am


    Even I deleted all junk files and registries also…still iam getting same error?

  3. Dan Gough 2020-10-07 9:41 am

    Hit this again sequencing Autodesk products that install the single-sign-on component to [{UserProgramFiles}]. Each of these VFS folders needs to map to a real-world folder, so I was getting the 02 error code until I pre-created %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs in the user profile!


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