ControlUp – Script Based Action (SBA) Action Auditing

ControlUp – Script Based Action (SBA) Action Auditing

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ControlUp is a tool we use to monitor our Citrix environment.  We have multiple people and multiple times actions are run via ControlUp and an easier way to review the actions would be nice.  ControlUp keeps all machine actions executed by them on the local machine’s event log.  To review these logs I decided, what better way than to use ControlUp!

The Script Based Action (SBA):

And the steps to create the SBA:

  1. Create a new SBA and name it “ControlUp Action Auditing” and click ‘Next’
  2. Set the ‘Assigned to:’ “Computer” and ‘Execution Context:’ as “ControlUp Console”
  3. Add the script and set the ‘Execution Timeout (seconds)’ to whatever will satisfy querying your remote systems (I set mine to 120).
  4. Setup the variables
    $args[0] = ‘Name’ property
    (note the “pipe” symbol in the ‘Input Validation string’
  5. Save and Finalize the SBA.  And now it in action:

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