Citrix Storefront – Adventures in customization – Customization breaks in internet explorer

Citrix Storefront – Adventures in customization – Customization breaks in internet explorer

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I ran into a frustrating issue with my last post (changing the clientname based on the application).  The issue was, it wasn’t working!  Sometimes!  On some versions of IE!  On some Operating Systems!


On Windows 10, IE11 or Edge it worked fine.  On Windows 7 or Server 2008 R2 with IE11 it worked…  SOMETIMES.

I started to dig into what was happening.  Why wasn’t the ClientName being set consistently?

It turns out that the code path for the “StoreFront Customization SDK” (at least the ICA file modification portion) operates when a request is made to “GetLaunchStatus”.  A working application launch from StoreFront looks like this:

Notice when I click the application icon, TWO requests are made.  The first one, GetLaunchStatus contains the headers that is passed to the SDK customization plugin, the second is a hidden iFrame to pull the ICA file.

Now, if I login to a server or PC that I’ve never logged into before (so that I have a fresh profile) and launch IE and immediately go to Storefront, this is the result:

Notice it only goes to “LaunchIca”.  Because of this my ClientName is not modified.

To validate the theory a bit further that something in Storefront maybe causing my issue, I opened up Chrome and changed it’s UserAgent to be identical of IE11 on Server 2008 R2:

And what happened?

Only LaunchIca is called.  We have a reproducible failure.

As I was digging into the Citrix code to launch the “GetLaunchStatus” URL I found it would “skip” going to URL under a series of conditions, one of them relates to checking for the presence of IE (CTXS.Device.isIE).  I found two candidate functions that maybe causing this failure, and I think this one is the most likely:

Specifically, this line under the switch statement:

CTXS.Device.isIE() && CTXS.ClientManager.usingNativeClientInInternetZone() ? (g(a, CTXS.LAUNCH_SUCCESS), g(a, CTXS.LAUNCH_READY), a.isLaunchReady = !0) : (CTXS.ClientManager.getLaunchMethod() == CTXS.LaunchMethod.PROTOCOL_HANDLER && (e.ticket = f.fileFetchTicket, e.staTicket = f.fileFetchStaTicket, e.fileFetchUrl = f.fileFetchUrl, e.serverProtocolVersion = f.serverProtocolVersion), d(a, c, e));

I found if I modified the UserAgent at that exact point so CTXS.Device.isIE() did not return TRUE that it would execute the GetLaunchStatus.

Now that I suspect I have my culprit I examined the code that calls GetLaunchStatus URL and added it to my custom.js file:

The end result now looks like this:

And now my customizations are called correctly and work with IE11.  I haven’t done extensive testing so “your mileage may vary” with this fix, but if you are finding your customizations aren’t operating correctly you may want to try this fix.