Citrix Storefront – Adventures in customization – Add a help button to your Storefront UI

Citrix Storefront – Adventures in customization – Add a help button to your Storefront UI

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This customization is pretty easy.  Add the following to your custom.js file:

Replace “” with the URL you want your help screen to be.


  1. Chaitanya 2017-12-27 5:34 pm

    where is the location for custom.js file in storefront 3.13 on xendesktop 7.16?

    • Jake Snyder 2018-01-11 8:09 pm


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  3. Jonathan Pitre 2018-01-16 8:15 am

    Trentent, do you any idea how to add the Active Directory user picture ? That would be a nice addition to StoreFront. Cheers,

    • trententtye 2018-01-16 8:23 am

      Oooo that could be slick. You would need a web helper to query and pull down the image from AD, and then just a little javascript in custom.js to pull it all together.

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  5. Brandon 2018-05-29 12:31 pm

    Hi there. I’m trying to figure out how to add GDPR compliance to SF by adding a weblink that users can navigate to (if they click the appropriate link). here is the code so far, but the problem is the URL is opened whether or not the user clicks anything. In fact, the cancel button doesn’t even load.

    CTXS.Extensions.beforeLogon = function (callback) {
    doneClickThrough = true;
    localize: true,
    messageTitle: “Privacy Notice”,
    messageText: “GDPR notification,
    okButtonText: “Accept and Continue”,
    cancelButtonText: “View GDPR Privacy Info”,
    cancelAction: CTXS.ExtensionAPI.openUrl(“”),
    okAction: callback,

    Now, if I simply add “callback” into the cancelbuttontext the page loads with the cancel button, but the callback feature just pushes them on to the logon page.


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