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Trentent Tye

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About Me

My name is Trentent Tye and I currently work out of Calgary, Alberta.

I took a fun ride to where I am now. I started my career with VoodooPC (acquired by HP in 2006) in 2003 and developed an automated software deployment for them from the operating system to drivers and applications. I then designed the award winning Omen chassis, integrated water-cooling, and then worked on the other product lines to bring that success to them. When HP bought VoodooPC I worked on the design and review systems of the HP Blackbird systems, winning multiple awards. During 2008 HP shutdown the Canada branch of VoodooPC and I moved onto working for Healthcare and Oil and Gas organizations providing IT support as an Active Directory administrator than as a Citrix XenApp administrator. As a Citrix XenApp administrator I was introduced to the AppV technologies and immediately saw the value that they offer to providing a consistent application delivery mechanism as well as the ease of upgrading or running multiple versions simultaneously. I became hooked onto the technology and have been exploring its advantages and limitations ever since.

I enjoy learning new technologies and what they can offer and working to implement them. I like pushing the boundaries of best practices and understanding why things are and if they can be better. I love learning and try to keep up with technologies and this blog is a result of my progress in this journey. I originally started it to document simple things I found useful but it has evolved to showing how I have solved issues, how issues that can't be solved might be managed and to demonstrate some features that aren't overly visible.

Lastly, this blog and the opinions here are entirely my own. Everything shown is purely for informational purposes and does not represent any organization or entity.

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