AppV 5 issues

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We are having issues with AppV 5.  Suddenly, after enabling global refreshes the application we were publishing was having major problems.  From everything I have seen the publishing server and management server were operating correctly, the client appeared to be operating correctly but I kept getting these types of errors on the client:

To resolve the issue I needed to execute:

On the client

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Internet Explorer popping up outside the App-V Bubble

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We have an application that launches Internet Explorer for printing certain PDF documents that it creates.  Adobe Reader is in the AppV package and NOT locally on the server.  The application resides in an AppV bubble but Internet Explorer starts outside the bubble.  I was able to verify that by starting the application with the debug switch “/exe cmd.exe” and running SET which shows some variables that only exist within an AppV bubble.  Once at the command prompt I launched the application and got to the point where it launched IE, from there I was able to use the IE open dialog to launch cmd.exe from the Windowssystem32 folder.  Once that was open I ran SET again and the AppV variables were not there; this confirmed that it was not in the AppV bubble.

It appears this issue is caused by XenApp because it modifies the Internet Explorer handler registry keys to point to a unique Citrix version of IE.  This version appears to open outside the bubble.  to correct this you need to change these registry keys:

With the keys set like that Internet Explorer will now launch within the AppV bubble.

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Modify XML files with PowerShell (for manipulating AppV)

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AppV and Application Compatibility

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I was having an issue with a old application that we want to run on our Citrix XenApp 6 farm; Microsoft Enterprise Reporting 7.5 SP4 (7.5.303). Namely, it wouldn’t run. It’s not compatible with Server 2008 R2 unless you’re running SP5. Well, we’re going to get rid of it in a few months but we want to get rid of our 4.5 farm. So, we need to migrate the application to XenApp 6 and Server 2008R2 from Presentation Server 4.5 and Server 2003 SP1.

First thing I did was setup a Server 2003 SP1 box and installed the AppV sequencer on it and sequenced the application. I then set it to run on 2008R2 64bit and moved the package over to it. It would crash. Analysing the crash logs would present to me the error… ERAPP32 was crashing its heap. In order to get it to work I had to set it to run in compatibility mode for XPSP3. Once I set this it worked flawlessly. So what I needed to do was push this fix to the rest of our Citrix servers before deploying the AppV application. If you’ve ever read ACT (application compatibilty toolkit) and merging it with AppV it’s kind of a difficult job.

But there is a easier way.

Stored in the registry is the AppCompatFlags key that contains the applications and the shims you can apply to an application. If you put the path to your AppV application it will actually enable it to run in the compatibility mode that you specify. This was my registry entry:

And now the application works almost wonderfully (ER is a painful application)


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